K-5th Grade

The K-5 program at Crossroads is designed to nurture and foster academic and spiritual growth in each student. In small class settings, CCA provides excellent academics and a solid foundation through a biblically based curriculum.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Crossroads' lower elementary grades teach a Phonics based reading and spelling curriculum as well as writing beginning with letter recognition and proper formation in kindergarten and leading to cursive writing in 2nd grade.

Math basic math facts, money, time, and fractions are taught, and geometry and multiplication are introduced in second grade.

All three grades teach basic Science and Social Studies concepts as well as Language Arts, Poetry, and Literature.

Bible is taught with an emphasis on who Jesus is and how to have a personal relationship with Him. 

Christian principles are woven into all subject areas across the curriculum

3rd through 5th Grade

In grades 3-5, students are encouraged to develop independence, responsibility, and ownership of their learning. There is an emphasis on the “whole child” — spiritually, academically, socially, and physically.  Students benefit from differentiated instruction and assessment.  A biblical worldview is cultivated across all areas of instruction.

Literary education focuses on student responses and connections to literature, development of the writing process, deepening vocabulary, exploring different genres, writing across the curriculum, and a dedicated focus to grammar instruction coupled with narrative, expository, and creative writing.

Math instruction targets critical thinking, problem solving, computational fluency, higher order thinking, modeling, and use of manipulatives.

Science education examines physical, life, and earth and space sciences. The scientific method is explored through hands-on investigation and inquiry-based extensions.

Social studies instruction centers on geography, history, citizenship, economics, and culture. Students analyze informational text to strengthen silent and oral reading skills and receive a balanced overview of history.

Bible lessons involve real world application of biblical principles, scripture memorization in context, servant leadership, character development, mentorship, and community outreach.

By the end of fifth grade, students will hone time management, organizational, and note taking skills necessary for a successful transition into middle school.

Kindergarten through 5th grade Physical Education

Athletics plays a major role in our culture today. At times sports is too greatly emphasized and given priority in cases where it should not. And others it is treated as an afterthought and a major piece of a child’s person is ignored and potential joy is missed. In CCA’s Athletic programs we focus on

·         A safe, positive, enjoyable environment where children do not feel they have to be in a particular skill set to participate in any activity.

·         A place where physical activity is made fun to where children fall in love with being active and hopefully learn to enjoy staying in motion their entire lives.

·         A time for children to get to know their classmates better and work on important social skills that other wise may not have the opportunity to blossom in a classroom setting. Competitiveness, being a good winner, good looser etc.

·         We believe strongly that showing the love of Jesus is not done just through our words but by our actions and how we lead our lives. This is something we take seriously and in physical education we have a great opportunity to give a godly example through the opportunities that physical education provides in real life application.

Kindergarten through 5th grade Computer

Our computer curriculum is created using ISTE standards.  Students begin each year by learning to be engaged in safe, positive and God-pleasing behavior as they explore technology.  Students are encouraged to set goals for themselves to increase proficiency, troubleshoot independently, work together to solve problems and find solutions.  Students learn to think in logical sequence, use multiple skill sets to prepare them for high school, and respect the equipment, their peers and the teacher.  Typical subjects include proper typing, use of Word or Google Docs and Sheets, and coding..

Kindergarten through 5th grade Library

In Library class, we explore the workings of the Library, including alphabetizing, The Dewey Decimal System, as well as the parts of a book.  We study genres, reference materials, and the rules of borrowing, caring for and returning books.  Students are encouraged to give input as to what books are purchased for the Library each year, and the layout of the Library is dynamically changing, depending on what the children's needs are.  All books are screened for content and rating, to ensure that they meet the standards and values of a Christian Education.