A Quality Christian Education


Established in 1977 and located in rural Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Crossroads Christian Academy (CCA) is a co-ed, non-denominational Christian day school welcoming students of all faiths. From PreSchool through Junior High, we partner with families to provide students with an excellent academic and spiritual foundation, helping each student realize his/her unique value and potential. Crossroads is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association (MACSA).

Crossroads provides rigorous academics, encourages character development, and nurtures spiritual formation. We believe that each child is a treasure from the Lord and is, therefore, special and unique. We are committed to making a quality Christian education available to any family who values it for their children.

Crossroads is a ministry of South Ridge Community Church


Our Mission

To challenge and equip our students to develop a personal relationship with Christ and achieve their full academic potential

Our Vision

To graduate biblically grounded followers of Jesus who:

  • Succeed academically in high school and beyond

  • Respond to life’s challenges with wisdom, hope, courage, and integrity

  • Impact their communities by fulfilling their God-given callings

Our Core Values

Biblical Integration We provide an excellent education that integrates and applies biblical truths into all areas of academic study and life.

Intellectual Rigor We expect our students to stretch themselves intellectually and honor God with their academic effort.

Personalized Attention We provide students with personalized attention that serves their individual needs, learning styles, and cognitive abilities.

Family Partnership We are committed to partnering with families in assisting students to reach their highest potential.

Uplifting Atmosphere We create an environment of joy, celebration, and encouragement by teaching and modeling the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) and by intentionally incorporating experiences designed to build and strengthen relationships.

Community Service We provide opportunities for our students to serve others both locally and globally.

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